Estate and Legacy Solutions

What happens to your assets when you pass on?

What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?   Do you have a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directives? A little bit of planning will save your family a lot of stress and second guessing on what your wishes would be if you are not able to answer for yourself. We can help you plan for transitioning your wealth to the next generation the most tax efficient way possible.

Charitable giving provides an easy way for you to give to charity, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. Through a “donor advised” account, the charities you choose will receive grants over a period of years, and you won’t have the responsibilities and expense of setting up your own private foundation. Plus, you receive an official charitable donation tax receipt which can provide immediate tax benefits. It’s a powerful way to give, harnessing the power of investing for growth and efficient tax and estate planning – to the benefit of the people and causes that matter to you.