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Prospera Solutions is passionate about helping you protect and grow your wealth for life.  We are here to help educate you on your options so you can feel confident in making informed financial decisions during life’s important moments. We believe in building lifelong relationships and providing our clients with competent financial advice that is measured by long-term financial and lifetime success. Where you are now has nothing to do with where you can go, and Prospera Solutions will give you the right advice and guidance to Prosper for Life.


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May '20


Get to know your money!

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When I ask divorced women what they would say to their former married selves about their finances is “get to know your money”.  The most regrettable thing that most divorcing women tell me isn’t that they regret getting married, it’s that they never learned about their household finances.  They simply let their spouse take control… Read more »

May '20


Do budgets really matter?

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No matter where you are in your life, whether you are going through a divorce or not, a budget matters.  Everything you do in finance, personal or business, comes down to a well planned budget.  The word “budget” is like the B-word no one wants to use but it’s an inevitable part of being a… Read more »

Jan '17


Are spousal RRSPs still useful?

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Spousal RRSPs have traditionally been used as an income-splitting strategy in retirement.  You can contribute to your spouse’s RRSP but claim the tax deduction yourself. Your total contributions (to your own and your spouse’s plans) are subject to your own RRSP contribution limits. In retirement, withdrawals are taxed in your spouse’s hands rather than yours,… Read more »