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Jan '17


Are spousal RRSPs still useful?

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Spousal RRSPs have traditionally been used as an income-splitting strategy in retirement.  You can contribute to your spouse’s RRSP but claim the tax deduction yourself. Your total contributions (to your own and your spouse’s plans) are subject to your own RRSP contribution limits. In retirement, withdrawals are taxed in your spouse’s hands rather than yours,… Read more »

Jul '15


Protecting children’s futures

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A parent’s number-one concern is the health and happiness of their children.  Ensuring that their children have the resources to help them pursue their dreams is often their top financial priority.  Planning for the unexpected should include planning for illness.  In the event that your child is diagnosed with a critical illness, you can receive… Read more »

Jun '15


10 Financial “Must-Knows” to Successfully Survive Your Divorce

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by Sharon Numerow 1. Money will almost always become an issue in divorce Many people start out thinking and believing the promise that things will always be divided evenly and straightforward Money is sometimes used as a bargaining tool to resolve other issues 2. Gather everything you can about your family finances Make a list… Read more »