About Prospera Solutions

Helping you Prosper through life – for life.

Prospera Solutions is an independent brokerage that offers a complete suite of services to help bridge the gap between where you are now financially and where you want to be. We are here to help you make informed financial decisions during every life stage. Whether it’s retirement, a job change, divorce, death of a spouse, or selling your business, we are here to help you manage your financial resources through every situation that life brings.

Holly Brady - Financial Coach



Holly has worked in the financial industry for last 23 years. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, she loves every facet of financial planning – from the challenges of finding tax solutions to helping couples save for their dream vacation to placing the “umbrella” of insurance over families’ heads. Uncovering their life stories and working closely with clients are the joy of her career.

Holly is passionate about educating individuals on financial and insurance options so they can feel confident about the decisions they make. With extensive product knowledge and an emphasis on sound financial planning, she has built a reputation as a trusted advisor for individuals and business owners alike.

Holly is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ and a Registered Collaborative Professional helping divorcing couples and their lawyers find ways to split marital property fair and equitably, and addressing financial issues.

As a board member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Alberta and the Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton), Holly focuses her volunteer efforts on bringing awareness to the general public and other professionals in the divorce arena of the collaborative process.

Like most people, Holly endeavors to keep life balanced around her career, family and friends whether it’s continuing her pursuit for knowledge in her areas of expertise, enjoying a scrapbooking retreat, travelling, or a great conversation over a glass of wine with friends. The secret to having it all is believing that you do!